Shaming Your Dog With Will Ferrell


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February 24, 2014:
Dog Shaming has not lost its luster among Internet Users.


Canine Hating:

What kind of sick individual waits for an opportunity to go around making his animal out to be the bad guy. Can you imagine if your mom took pictures of all the weird stuff you did and distributed it everywhere?

Link to Will Ferrell SNL Dog Shaming Video

Dissing Your Dog: How To Train Your Puppy With Mockery and Verbal Humiliation

A Will Ferrell sketch in the form of a commercial has become popular again thanks to the dog shaming meme that is taking over the country. In this sketch, "Dale Sturtevant" verbally abuses and ridicules dogs until they jump off the couch, properly use newspapers for relieving themselves, and eat the food that they are given. Dog shaming, unfortunately, promises to be less effective given that the dogs are unable to read what is written about them, and probably don't have friends to tell them that they're being humiliated on the Internet.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Won't somebody think of the puppies?.