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February 26, 2014
Dog shaming officially becomes a meme, and is referenced on the fourth hour of the Today Show.


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Dog Shaming Pictures Become New Top Internet Meme

Revitalization of a process that started in early American settlements

Dog ShamingDog shaming is a popular new meme that involves posting photographs of dogs in close proximity to either (1) a note explaining the dog's offense, as if it had been written by the dog itself or (2) a mess created by the dog in question. The nature of the dog's offense can be scatological, offensive, or just annoying. The goal of shaming a dog is totally unknow except for the potential interest that may be aroused in the reader, who presumably cares about dog foibles to the extent that a funny one might come along. A certain element of schadenfreude may be apparent in that people are celebrating the problems inherent in dogs of a certain breed or price. It remains to be seen how interesting dog situations may be in the long term, since most dog behavior is fairly universal and known to dog owners the world over.


The practice of dog shaming hearkens back to Colonial American corporal punishment of offenders. Wrongdoers might be placed in the stocks, a pillory, or made to wear a letter that designated their offenses. Readers of "The Scarlet Letter" would be familiar with the technique that is now applied to animals for the amusement of people who look at animal pictures on the Internet.

Unfortunately, the meme that has become dog shaming has the seeds of its demise already built in, due to the fact that dogs have never been as funny as cats, and they never will be. The antics of dogs are fairly pedestrian owing to the needy, loyal, and dependent nature of canines compared to the carefree malevolence found in their feline counterparts. Naturally, cat shaming is totally ineffective in that a cat just doesn't care, and unlike the fact that people can own dogs, it is a proven fact that the cat owns the person. Therefore, from a psychological dominance standpoint, it is impossible for the master to be shamed by the suject. And cats, as has been known for centuries, have an element of evil within them that allows for great comic potential. Most of the humor in dogs comes from situations in which they have been trained, whereas cats can be funny in their everyday lives.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: The inherent fallacy in dog shaming is that dogs have no shame, and therefore cannot be shamed. They walk around naked, eat awful things, and roll around in dead animals. If you did this, you might be shamed, or alternatively you would be asked if you have no shame, at which moment this point would be proven.